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What Our Clients Say

J.I., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Certified Master Coach

"Prior to meeting Vince, I had always been skeptical about personal training and the quality of certification programs. That changed quickly in the first 10 minutes of our session. . . Vince has expert knowledge in anatomy, kinesiology, and functional movement. He's a brilliant guy and a better teacher."

Ophthalmic Surgery

"I am a physician in private practice for almost 30 years. I have known Vince Chen for over 9 years. Initially I was referred to him by a friend because I was on the verge of needing back surgery for a herniated disk and was in tremendous pain. He saved me from needing surgery. Over the next several years Vince has gradually built up my core strength and overall fitness to the point that I am pain free and in the best shape of my life. As a physician I am amazed at Vince’s understanding of human anatomy and his ability to quickly determine the source of any aches and pains I may have. He is attuned to my energy level each time I am with him and tailors the workout that day to it. Vince is far beyond any definition of just personal trainer, his knowledge base and ability to treat underlying alignment and muscular/soft tissue injuries is unparalleled. Vince is a man of great integrity and passionate about his field."

J.S., Music Industry Professional
Owner, Full-Service Entertainment Management Company and Record Label

I started working out with Vince over 10 years ago with the goal of recovering from an ankle injury suffered playing basketball.  Not only did Vince help me recover from that injury, but he helped to build a true foundation of strength that has helped me recover faster from sports injuries since.  Working out with Vince is a true highlight for me on a weekly basis.  The workouts are challenging and relevant to me to personally – a combination of strength training and agility training that has helped me maintain my fitness.  Vince’s attention to detail is impressive, and he has taught me how to think about the importance of technique and intention when I work out on my own.

Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

 About 20 years ago I was in a major car accident which left me with a bar in my leg (acting as my femur) which is attached from my pelvis to my patella, and other injuries which left me with many surprises and a dramatic limp.  Prior to my accident I was a runner, and had completed many triathlons and the Marine Corps Marathon.  After multiple surgeries, seeing many physical therapists, 4 personal trainers and a movement specialist I was able to work out hard, and was in good shape, but I still limped and couldn't run well.  The fourth personal trainer I had was a previous client of Vince's and was a Chen believer and ALWAYS told me that Vince had told her if I could squat and lunge correctly I could run and walk with out a limp. Unfortunately for me, that never happened.  A year and a half ago I  stopped by Westfield Fitness Studio to see if he was taking new clients and my luck changed!  I am know walking with an almost unperceivable (is that a stretch?) limp, so much better that I very rarely catch myself limping.  As well, I've started running again, not far and not fast, but I'm making progress.  I forgot to mention that at my initial session Vince asked me what I was trying to achieve and losing the limp and running were pipe dreams for me. After 20 years I was sure they were staples for me know, but I have always wanted to lose them.  Not only has this made me incredibly happy, Vince has shown me that with hard work and a knowledgable trainer change is possible.  

What Our Clients Say: Experience

M.P., J.D.
General Counsel

Vince is very professional and low key, no hard sales pitch and extremely knowledgeable about developing a training program tailored to suit my particular needs, (middle age, out of shape) and to progress without getting injured. Many people at gyms call themselves trainers but their knowledge, and ability to understand the client and tailor the best plan to progress is very limited. Vince's knowledge of the body/physiology and how to keep it in balance to maximize gains without injury. His detailed understanding of diet and metabolism to couple with the workout program in order to maximize gains. I have made surprising gains in both strength, technique and conditioning while developing historically weak areas. I have better muscle tone, and overall fitness than in my younger days.

Artist, Sculptor

I met Vince Chen in 2006 when I was looking for a trainer to help me get in shape for my wedding. I was so impressed by the results that I have continued to work out with Vince ever since. With Vince’s guidance, I have been able to control my weight, increase my flexibility and am stronger than ever! With a history of back issues, I am still able to get a full body work out while avoiding further injury.

What Our Clients Say: Education
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